Ancient Kemet: The Lost Knowledge

Déjà Francis
Fundamentals of Speech
May 6, 2012
Professor Kincey
Informative Speech Essay

Ancient Kemet: The Lost Knowledge
Have you ever thought of yourself as an individual deprived of your history? If not, I am almost certain you are unaware of the science of the great ancient Kemet. When I say the name Imhotep, does and African multi-genius appear in your head? Or is it an image of a pale Grecian statue that you have been forced to believe is significant to your history? If I were to ask what the original name of Egypt was, would your answer be ancient Kemet? Lastly, If I raised the question, “what group of people built the pyramids of ancient Egypt,” would you reply and say the Hebrew slaves, or the Egyptians of ancient Kemet. It is essential to know true creations that originated in ancient Kemet, that it was erased from history, as well as the importance of ancient Kemet to us today.
Many people have never heard of ancient Kemet until coming to college, or researching this information on their own. This is because ancient Kemet was erased from history. Growing up, and matriculating through grade school, we always learned that Egyptians were pale and white. It wasn’t until my freshmen year at Clark Atlanta University that I found the truth to our history. I was informed that the Egyptians were Black, in fact African. This information really took a toll on me because I could not understand why; I had been deprived of my history for so many years. It hurt me tremendously to know that a race of people would keep such intriguing information from their race. I still ask myself the question, “What did we ever do so wrong,” and still the question is left unanswered.
Furthermore, I feel that this information has been neglected from us because the White people love to feel superior. It is a necessity for them to make Black people inferior to them. Although they are now the minority, they have made up in their minds that we will forever be enslaved. It is up to us as a race to oppose this ideology. I truly do believe that the White people viewed Blacks as a threat and this is why we have yet to know where we come from. The Whites feared that if we only knew how good we were, we may take over the world.
I chose to inform my colleagues of the science of ancient Kemet because I now know what it means. I was delighted to know that my people were the first to accomplish so many things significant to the world today. There is joy in knowing that we can be great people and be multi-genius’, doctors, and engineers, and create things like geometry, and pyramids. I knew that enlightening my colleagues on such information, would allow them to feel a sense of pride in their race and maybe even encourage one another to strive to one day accomplish such achievements. Ancient Kemetic science really is important to me because I’ve learned what it really is, and how the world began. It is important to teach this information to generations that precede us, so that they will not feel deprived of their history, as I did. Before researching this topic, I was unaware what ancient Kemet had to do with civilization, and now I know the ancient Egyptians are responsible for civilization.


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